Spurwink River Publishing specializes in reduced arrangements of classical music. Our original work is Tchaikovsky’s Ballet, The Nutcracker, a reduction of the full ensemble that uses a smaller orchestra but continues to sound like the full ensemble.

We are expanding our inventory to include small ensemble arrangements created for freelance musicians who play weddings and receptions. Joanne S. Woodward assembled and perfected the arrangements over several years of on-the-job trial. Our arrangements are unique because they are not watered-down versions of the originals. String players will appreciate the music’s inherent qualities intended for their instruments. The arrangements hold true to the original music and are more fun to play than many of the existing arrangements meant to accommodate any group of players who may join together to perform.

The first listings include String Trio/Quartet (two violins and cello with optional viola). These parts can stand alone as trios but are more filled out with the viola parts.

Another set will include the above as trios, with the addition of trumpet.

These parts are available for purchase by mail or download.

Check back as we add more listings.

Of course, Spurwink River Publishing will continue to offer the reduced version of Tchaikovsky’s Ballet, The Nutcracker.

Joanne S. Woodward
Joanne S. Woodward Joanne S. Woodward has played violin with the Portland (ME) Symphony for over 30 years. She began her studies at age seven and received a Bachelor of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music. She plays in many musical organizations in the area, including Atlantic Ensembles (a wedding and reception ensemble, which she founded) the Portland Choral Arts Society and PORTopera, the opera of Maine. While working with Atlantic Ensembles, Ms. Woodward saw the need for more arrangements for string trios and quartets. As clients requested ensembles that included flute, trumpet, and harp, she would analyze the music and create arrangements that suited the various combinations. In her spare time, she likes to garden and explore the coast of Maine, by boat, with her husband.