Brinkler, Alfred
Trio in E Minor


Violin and Cello – 6 pages each
Piano score 35 pages
Total 47 pages

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Alfred Brinkler arrived in Portland, ME at age 26 having been born, educated and had his early training in Kent, England. First stop in the US was an organist’s job in Dallas, TX and soon after on to Maine where he remained the rest of his life. He was one of the early Municipal Organists for the Kotzschmar Organ built in 1912 and he resided at Park Street, now the home of the Park Street Trio. He also built an organ in his home to more easily teach young organists as churches were rarely heated in those days. The Park Street organ continues to get great use. One of the things Mr. Brinkler enjoyed, was composing for piano, cello and violin. This piano trio is in the standard classical sonata form.